Indoor media blasting

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​​Aluminum Oxide 

8' x 10' x 20' in-house

indoor blasting Capabilities  

      Glass Bead Blasting is a very similar to soda blasting. This media gives the surface a more "polished" look and a smooth profile. It is typically used on parts that are very delicate and more less need cleaned, rather than etched. This is also a commonly used material on Harley Parts and Aluminum to give them a show quality finish.

     Since this is not as commonly used, we do offer this service but there could be a longer lead time.  

Glass Bead  


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     Aluminum oxide is a great blasting media that is used as an alternative to sand when blasting because it leaves a cleaner profile. At Finish Line Coatings, we can blast anything up to 8' x 8' x 20' in house.

     We do offer blasting as a stand alone service. Therefore, you can bring in a part to be blasted without having us apply a coating to it.