Aluminum oxide is a great blasting media that is used as an alternative to sand when blasting metal because it is not as harsh. This is a media that still gives a rough etch for premium surface adhesion without eating away at softer metals. We use aluminum oxide as our standard in house media. We do offer blasting as a stand alone service. Therefore, you can bring in a part to be blasted without having us coat it.

All blasting is based on an hourly rate. 

Media Blasting

Glass Bead Blasting is a very similar concept to soda blasting. This media gives the surface a more "Polished" look. It is typically used on parts that are very delicate. Some metals are much softer than others such as vintage car parts and fenders that have been exposed to the elements and need to be cleaned. This is also a commonly used material on Harley Parts and Aluminum to give them a show quality finish.

Since this is not as commonly used, we do offer this service but there could be a longer lead time.  

Glass Bead  

Aluminum Oxide